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Hearing Test

Concerned about your hearing? Take our online hearing test, which has been developed by the world-class hearing experts at our National Acoustic Laboratories.

The test takes less than 10 minutes and is an easy way to measure your hearing in noisy environments.

Of course, this test should only be used as a guide and it's best to book an appointment with one of our clinicians for a detailed hearing assessment.

step 1  


Find out if the hearing test is suitable for you.

step 2  

Setting up your audio

Follow a few simple steps to set your computer speakers or headphones to the correct volume.

step 3  

Hearing Test

Listen to a series of digits spoken over a background rushing noise.

step 4


Get instant results and have a copy emailed to you.

Step 1: Can I take the test?

How old are you?

Sorry, the hearing test is designed for people aged 15 years old or older. If you're under 15 years old, you might like to talk to one of our clinicians about your hearing.

Do you currently wear hearing aids or cochlear implant?

No, I don't wear any devices
Yes, I wear hearing aid(s)
Yes, I wear cochlear implant(s)
I wear both

Please remove your hearing aids before you start.

Sorry, the hearing test is not suitable for people wearing cochlear implants but you might like to talk to one of our clinicians about your hearing concerns instead.